I  like
www.razboi.ro , DELL laptops, BMW 5 Series, raining dayz, Godfather (I),
Natasha Henstridge, HugoBoss, coca-cola light, nokias,
and more..

I don't like
boringdayz :), alchool (I hate it), stupid women, smoking,
harmfulhackers, passing time, and more...

who am I
sincery, I dont know.
fictive names, fictive trademarks, stolened copyrights.
BLACK&WHITE photos and digital sites (my passion).
sorry about my english, my dictionary disepeared.

thaks for support: www.gk.ro (names provider), wizzo, jay-c, cobra. 
SADI-K (my love), Jenny^ (moral support), romanianprogramers from Galatzi, GeniusNet, www.geniusnet.ro, www.google.com, gk.ro (free email&hosting), www.razboi.ro ,RDS (my ISP)
that is all.


PS: Nu ma mai stresati sa-l corectez... nu vreau si gata!!! :P




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